What are land Transportation services?

For logistics to be effective, they frequently bear a combination of transport options, known as intermodal transport. That’s why we ’ve added inland transportation to our logistics services. Covering truck, rail and barge, our inland services are designed to get your goods to their final destination in a shorter time-your goods will remain in the same shipping vessel they were packed in at their origin.

How can I bespeak Inland Transportation with rdinternational ?

Adding Inland Transportation to your booking is simple via our platform. Subscribe up for free and simply elect any of the following combinations in the first step of the booking process to get inland transport included in the route searched

During the booking

  • Door- to- Door includes inland transportation in both origin and destination
  • Door-to-Port includes inland transportation only in origin
  • Port-to- Door includes inland transportation only in destination

Post booking

  • It’s easy to add it via our platform.
  • You can also communicate our client care experts for backing via
  • An dispatch including your booking reference at

Our platoon will find the stylish route and mode of transportation for your weight, coordinating with your suppliers to make the process simple and effective.

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