International sea freight

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is transporting weight loaded on vessels by ocean. Good to know is that over 90 of the world’s trade is carried by ocean, with a general rule of transferring shipments importing further than 100 kg. This, of course, may vary according to original regulations.

rdinternational shipping services cover over 300 anchorages worldwide, which means you’ll be suitable to move your weight to and from further than 150 countries.

Sea freight service

Still, rdinternational has what you need one platform where you can manage, book, If you want to start moving your weight overseas. You can subscribe-up to the platform, start checking schedules and prices to see which option suits your business requirements.

At rdinternational, we love translucency, and, for this reason, we make sure that all the costs are incontinently available – so you witness no retired costs.

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