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Wheat is a whole grain that contains three distinct corridor that are separated during the milling process to produce Flour.


This is about 83 percent oF Lhe kernel weight and Lhe source or white Flour. The endosperm contains topmost share oF protein, carbohydrates and iron, as well as the Four major B-vitamins, similar as riborlavin, niacin and thiamin and Folic acid. It’s also a source or answerable Fiber.


Bran is about141/2 percent oF the kernel weight. Bran is included in whole wheat flour and can also be bought independently. The bran contains salutary riber, a small quantum oF protein, significant amounts oF vitamin E, B-vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and photochemical.


The origin makes up about21/2 percent oF the kernel weight. The origin is the embryo or sprouting section oF the seed, oFten separated rrom Flour in the milling because the Fat content (10 percent) limits rlour’s shelF- liFe. The origin contains minimum amounts oF high protein and a 9reater share or B-complex vitamins and trace minerais.

Popular For

  • High nutritive value
  • 100 °/ organic
  • Premium quality
  • Available in strict packaging
  • Long shelr lire

Rich In

  • Carbohydrates


Container Per Month Export

Use Bakery Products, Cookies, Cooking, Maki • 9 Bread
Cultivation TypeCommon
Packaging TypeGunny Bag, Jute Bag, Plastic Bag, PP Bag
PointGluten Free, Good For Health, High In Protein, Natural Test, No Artificial
Flavour, No Genetic Engineering, No Preservatives, Non Harmful, Organic
Packaging sizeIO-2Okg, 2O-25kg, 25-50kg, 5-1Okg, 5O-1O0k9
Broken Rate1-3%, 3-5%, 5-7°/», 7-10%

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